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how hard is it to get a federal job reddit

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Federal Government offers more choices than any other single employer in the United States. Inspired by the "Social workers making 6 figures" discussion. I'm writing this guide in 3 steps to keep it simple: Step 0: Prepare to wait. Series: Series is the occupational code for federal jobs. You can generally submit a letter to HR with one of three justifications: competing job offer, salary history, or exceptional qualifications. A professional working in a job that's highly valued in the private sector can build up an even bigger bank account by working for Uncle Sam. In short, applying for a federal job and getting an answer takes time. Shoulda prefaced with "be willing to relocate" as the number one bit of advice. Or, perhaps you have recently joined the federal workplace. Awesome! If so how did you get started? Especially pathways if there is anything in my state. Whatever your interest and back-ground, you can probably find a Government career to match. how hard is it to get a VA internship? That former employee is eligible to apply for a job at the same grade, or at a lower grade, with any federal agency. I was a federal employee for 36 years in 3 agencies and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of federal employment. Any government job. The initial screening process is looking for those keywords. The questions are too different from agency to agency so you're kind of on your own here. Be prepared to wait months or even years, depending on what agency you are applying to. I'm not planning on till leaving till after the holidays. Finished undergrad and grad school at the top of my class. To be honest though, if you can fog up a mirror, realize it was you who did it, and can legibly sign a piece of paper, you can work in government. Bonus points if you're an URM, veteran, CPA, or have relevant experience. Remember you're generally discussing this with HR and the comptroller, not the direct supervisor you'll have, so don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions at the end. Thank you for the great information! What does it help to do to get considered. This is spot on, as a VA social worker I would also add that at least in my state hiring managers are looking for skills based resume formatting, the resume I used for my VA application was very different from a traditional resume format as it was almost like a blend between a cover letter and resume in that it went much more in depth into my experience. The Federal Reserve is essentially the bank for the United States, and it provides a secure and stable economic system for the country. My job was a Direct Hire. “If you’re just starting a new job, know that the first week or so will be an emotional roller coaster. I'm shocked by how many social workers think they just automatically start at step one. This subreddit is for all those interested in working for the United States federal government. First, the job posting windows are super long, sometimes months on end. Once you intern for the federal government you are considered a former employee forever, so even if you want to come back ten years down the road you have the advantage of being able to apply to many more positions that are only offered internally I learned so much from my time at the VA and was given the chance to do so much clinical work under supervision that was available but never overbearing. Federal jobs take a looooong time to fill. Many a federal job search begins on the USAJOBS website, where many federal positions get posted. Don’t apply to a job based on what you want to get paid, but on how your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities sync with the qualifications the US government require. Applied your degree at all? Great references. State and local employees make on average 25% more. I'm not sure if this true for all VAs, but I tried to get on as an intern in Hawaii and they no longer accept any interns. I will try the bureau of agriculture and the others you mentioned! Oct. 26, 2009 12:01 am ET The federal government's "help wanted" sign is up. 10. Great resource for a quick overview, but it doesn't include specific information for social workers. Generally, 11 and 12 positions require independent licensure. There's three things you can negotiate: step increase (each grade is divided into 10 steps of pay), advanced leave accrual, and relocation/recruitment bonus. Second, the applicant review is very long since the government has more stringent requirements about reviewing veterans and minorities. I was feeling discouraged for a bit as I'm a nontraditional social worker and a recent grad, but this gives me hope! The federal government has been a leader in the telecommuting movement for more than two decades. They're available at several different agencies, all with unique but important missions and encompassing all manner of specialties. It's not a … Coworkers I started with had applied in July for the same position and had multiple rounds of interviews, so it all varies. If you want to get a GS-13 position you need to prove that you’ve worked successfully at the GS-12 level for a year, even if you are not currently working for the federal government. I was one of those people waiting for my 'dream federal job' two years ago and now I am in it, but not placed with the best team which makes my work life not very happy. There are some unique things about USAjobs. I have some job experience in landscaping, supervising landscaping operations with a small crew, and then of course retail. I have done a 1 year paid internship as a behavior therapist in aba for autistic children. My dad has suggested this to me as well cuz I just graduated and am really am tired of my retail job. Plus they pay their interns! A colleague of mine also said I should consider getting a licensure (even though I don't plan to go clinical) and it doesn't matter which state I get it from, is that true? When using usajobs, you need to be very specific in your resume. I am currently a contract employee through a state agency doing federal work at a GS-11 level. It can take four months or longer to get a job offer. I am currently attempting to get a job in the federal government. How to Apply for a Federal Job Through USAJOBS. You're doing God's work dude. Any tips for getting federal or county jobs? When you get hired, your agency will review your credential and basically credential you for federal work. Reviewed- the central office reviewed your stuff and passed it along. hi I know this is an old ass post but I did a search and I have a question!! What job series are you searching for? Agency specific questions: When you apply, you'll usually go to a pre-screening questionnaire. USAJOBS is the gateway to federal employment. The first interview I had in June 2013. Federal jobs take a looooong time to fill. Referred- they sent your resume to the actual people who do hiring, and they will call you for an interview. You'll just have to take a civil service test. 2. I've been through application processes for full-time and temp work for several departments—none of them were shorter than six months. Federal Jobs: Easy to Spot, Hard to Get By Sara Murray. Willing to relocate? I've heard that joining the military quickens the process. I guess I'll try and adjust my resume for every position. You may have noticed a lot of those posts were from federal social workers, because the federal government is one of the few places that actually pays social workers what they are worth. You can get up to 25% of annual salary as a recruitment bonus paid on your first check (remember this will be taxed as regular income). This is 'hiding key words in your resumes to trick HR sorting algorithms' level bad. You might have heard already that applying for a federal government job is a process that takes much time. I got one interview to be a health inspector 2 months ago but otherwise no success in 6 months. Pilot programs by U.S. agencies have shown that working from home is a viable option, which makes government agencies with remote jobs a great resource to consider if you want to work remotely. I feel like I've applied to a lot of fruitless positions. step 2a: The Hiring Process: Your application will be saved on USAJOBS with a status next to it. (Remember: This is the government; it’s known for its bureaucracy.) Thank you so much, this is SO helpful. I would love to work for the US forest service. You can do this by looking at the blue bar above your results that says "save this search.." Use Ctrl+F for save if you can't find it, it blends in in the new UI. Many people believe applying for a federal job is a difficult and complicated process, but it is actually very achievable. It's a wizard that will take you through each job and ask for all the data they want. This guide from the VA shows some guidance on how to prepare for this: https://www.va.gov/PBI/Prepare.asp. Program manager Some agencies are better than others, and a number have special hiring flexibilities for critical positions that allow them to go outside the normal process and make quicker decisions. Do you have any tips, success stories? This begins about a 2-6 month onboarding processes before you're actually hired, but HR can walk you through all that if you get there. The only place this doesn't apply to is federal. 5. Don't upload a word document, it makes your resume harder to review by the HR departments and you're less likely to get referred (from what I hear). I've applied for a few federal jobs and going through USAJobs is hell. Generally this process can take 6 months to a year and a half between finding, applying, interviewing, and onboarding. A job must be posted even if the organization already has someone in mind they want to pick. I qualified for several openings from GS-6 on. Is it really hard to get a job in Canada's public (civil) service? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It is a place to ask for advice, share your frustrations, receive support, and anything else you want related to social work. I have had three interviews within SSA/ DPB to be exact. Social Work is 0185, but 0101 (Social Service) also shows a ton of opportunities for MSWs and BSWs. Relocation bonus is similar, but you have to submit receipts and get reimbursed, avoiding the tax penalty. State jobs are pretty damn easy. Second, you may have had the misfortune of applying for a "good ol' boy" job. Step 3: The interview: Federal interviews are always Performance Based Interviews. As a former intern who is now going through the onboarding process for a full time position , I can't stress enough how rough this process is. The core mission of /r/jobs is empowering job seekers and employees through the promotion of: their best interests, helpful and sound advice, and encouragement. Bonuses take some advocacy and paperwork. Does anyone here work in the Canadian government? Some terms: Series: Series is the occupational code for federal jobs. I don't know if that matters. Edit: This is all very useful information. Step one: Saved Searches: Once you have your specific range in mind, create a saved search for that series and grade. Through USA jobs as well? For example, a fired federal employee, with tenure, was working at the GS-9 grade level on the General Schedule, or GS, pay schedule. But what else could I include thats quantifiable? The problem, applicants are finding, is getting in the door. Some agencies update USAJOBs immediately, mine didn't the job I accepted in May of this year still has "referred to selecting official" as the status. To read today's top news stories on federal employee pay, benefits, retirement, job rights and other workplace issues visit FederalDaily.com. Once you've done all this, if you're lucky, you'll get the offer letter. Press J to jump to the feed. You want to put everything on it. While federal agencies … The job search process in the federal government can last about 6-18 months, which can be lengthy for many people. The formal way of finding a federal jobs means applying for as many jobs as possible and waiting - and waiting - and waiting. Thank you to everyone! When I started doing this, my application started moving forward much more frequently. But then my new boss - who as a member of the Senior Executive Service may have had extra flexibility or clout - hired me a month later (after I phoned her once to nudge), and I had to move and start in a month after that. You can try state jobs. Once you get the offer letter, there IS room to negotiate on salary. I applied for my job in November 2013 and was interviewed and started in March 2014. Best Places to Work Agency Rankings The overall rankings are determined by the Best Places to Work employee engagement score, calculated by the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group.. When building your resume look for a section in the job opening that lists Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA). Federal jobs are actually pretty tough to get. A bachelors in biology is practically the golden ticket to work for the US Forest Service. Get help applying for federal jobs. Yes, getting a license in a state will be helpful, and it does not matter where you are licensed. that's really my goal for next year. The biggest reason why and why you will not get referred even if you are extremely qualified is your resume. Third: recruitment/relocation. State and local employees make on average 25% more. I would happily take any government job, but the bureau of agriculture is where I'd eventually like to work. Here is a forum to share experience and ask for insight for those already a member of the largest employer in the USA. Here's a countdown of the 10 best-paying federal government jobs, according to the online database FederalPay.org. I will try using key words in my resumes from now on. Oh gosh. If all the key requirements are not mentioned, your resume pretty much just gets auto-sent to the trashcan. Handy if you're making a big move. Basically just copy whatever the job posting is in your resume (of course if you have that experience). I'll send you a PM with general tips later once I get on my PC. Usually this is in some central office disconnected from where you might be working. Listen to this person. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cover letter: CHANGE YOUR COVER LETTER FOR EVERY APPLICATION, and ALWAYS INCLUDE A COVER LETTER. It helps. Do you have any internships? This will help you get passed the first step in the hiring process. I guess I'll try researching their department and see if I can find anything. If you get credit for your previous experience you start with an advanced clock and leave accrual. The federal hiring process can be slow and full of hurdles. I'll tweak this a bit today as I'm typing it up between appointments, but the idea is to do an addendum to the other resources out there on USAJOBS like https://www.govloop.com/the-govloop-unofficial-guide-to-getting-a-federal-job/. It’s the official job site for the federal government. Generally this process can take 6 months to a year and a half between finding, applying, interviewing, and onboarding. lol It took one position 5 months, after 4 interviews, to get back with me and say, in a disposition email that someone else got the job. I can't recommend it enough. the resume builder you use should be the one built into USAJOBS. Won competitive grad assistantship. Job market is fine if you're willing to move, It's also worth noting that DoD, Bureau of prisons and Indian health service hire social workers pretty frequently. Thanks so much for taking time out of your life to write this! Step increases can be awarded for "critical need" or "exceptionally qualified candidate". PM me if you are interested in the handouts (one is resource links and the other is a presentation from OPM). With your degree, you may be eligible for employment through Pathways. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I have a bachelors in biology but I might as well have squat. Learn about government jobs for non-U.S. citizens. I'd like to know more about what I'm dealing with. My work experience is a mismatch. For any position you need to tailor your resume so that it is in line with the full vacancy announcement. Everything social work or social work related you've ever done should be on this thing. How to Get a Federal Government Accounting Job. This is going to dig down into some of the specifics for us. I didn't even have to interview for the position I was offered since I just came out of a one year internship so that cut some time off the process and it has still been over a month since I accepted an offer and I have gone over two weeks at a time without hearing anything from HR. I held a GS-11 position before (not in SW) and I'd like to add a tip. In my experience, leave accrual and a step increase of 2-3 steps really just requires asking for it. Volunteer positions? 3-15 years of experience gets 3 weeks, 15+ gets a month. Try searching for positions within the Bureau of Agriculture, Department of the Interior, or EPA. I work for a federal agency, and it took 2 months to hear back from my response to the job ad. This is super frustrating but normal, I was also told I would likely not be starting for another two months from now, so if you are working when you receive an offer don't quit your job as it is a long and slow process. I really wanted that job too. Take advantage of the "gimme" questions, like "Why do you want to work for _________", you'll only get one of those, the rest are going to be standard questions like, "Tell me about a time when you had a difficult client, and which specific theoretical orientations you were using" kind of thing. You can argue for this based on years you've been in the field. How would I apply to that? It's true that they hire primarily from their former interns and if you aren't s veteran it can be difficult to get a position without having the advantage of being an intern. I've worked for the federal government a few times and have been hired through USAJOBS on multiple occasions, but only after absolutely failing to use the system correctly for years. This means the interviewers will hit you with 5-10 standard questions. Depending on your location, there are likely several jobs you can apply for with your education and experience. First, do not stick to a "just the basics" resume. Once you do all this, applying will take about 15 minutes per job as you tweak the cover letter and switch out some forms, then hit apply. The hard part is the wait since there's no way of knowing how many were referred or if there is a PPP candidate in that stack. Second is advanced leave accrual. For each job, the USAJOBS listing will have … Certainly knowing French opens up doors and gives you an advantage, but is it going to be really hard to get a job without being bilingual? Generally, BSWs can get hired as GS-7/9, MSWs as 9/11, and LCSWs as 11/12. 5 months. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search for jobs, including ones in high demand. Grade: GS or General Schedule grades are the pay grades associated with a job. Deadlines are important in the federal job environment so stay mindful of the date the application is due; you will no longer be eligible to submit an application after that date. It doesn't matter what state your license is from, so consider applying for one in a state without a residency requirement if you can't check that block in your own state. First, the job posting windows are super long, sometimes months on end. So, I am 23 and just graduated from college in May. I have a few friends that work for the fed, and they've all complained about how long the process takes. Also to any current MSW students, seriously consider an internship with the VA!! The informal way of finding a federal job is far more effective than the formal way. Recycling a generic resume you wrote will not even get you past the automated screening system imo. This is not like the resume you carry around in your briefcase, this should be IN DEPTH. The index score is not a combined average of an agency’s category scores. What follows is a guide based off of my experiences. I attended the recent seminars for federal resume writing through USAJobs. It doesnt really seen relevant to anything though so I usually don't include it. You can't spell FedEx without Federal Express Corporation, which does business as FedEx Express. Some statuses you might see: Received- your resume is being processed. There is a specific format you need to follow for federal resumes that you can find online. You may get a job that way, but it's relatively rare. Finding a job within the federal law enforcement doesn’t always have to be so hard and with the help of this list you can find out more about the easiest federal law enforcement jobs to get… Resume: Once you have your searches saved, use the resume BUILDER to create a resume. There, you can: Learn how the government hires people. Federal bureaucrats make 78% more in total compensation than people in the private sector. "A long time." Let me tell you from a long time federal job hunter who finally landed his dream job with them. r/Jobs is not for job listings. If it's a phone interview, still dress up. This will generate an email once a week to you with all the new postings. If the job states as a qualification, "ability to communicate effectively with supervisors and workers in the food industry" then you will write, "demonstrated ability to communicate directly to supervisors and works in food industry. Im black. Addendum on post-offer letter stuff while I'm waiting on another appointment-. I've heard of usajobs and been applying to it. I know this includes salary and hours worked. This community is for social workers and those interested in social work! Other documents: USAJOBS lets you save about 12 documents, so save some of the agency specific documents in there, your transcripts, and your license if applicable. If you actually possess those KSAs you should copy them verbatim into your resume. Even if it's not required, this helps to provide a summary to your big resume and give a narrative of who you are and what makes you special. A federal employee newly hired earns 2 weeks vacation/year. Federal law enforcement jobs tend to come with higher salaries, great health benefits, and generous retirement packages. Write Your Resume to the Specific Job Listing. Just because the posting says this isn't offered doesn't mean you can't negotiate for it. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Now that I know that, that is basically what they want (as long as the statements are true). Getting a federal job is still really hard. Social work supervisors can be 12/13/14 depending on how much they're in charge of. This will be used to weed people out, so answer carefully. I've applied for many jobs and almost always get an interview at least with those open to CFs. The Obama administration says it's working on solutions. But my Dad told me to apply to the government NOW because they take forever with hiring process. There are reasons behind it but that's a lengthy post. Performed employee evaluations, audited restaurant for violations of food safety codes, recommended restaurant policy changes...". Social Work is 0185, but 0101 (Social Service) also shows a ton of opportunities for MSWs and BSWs. But trust that it will all get better soon when things settle in.” The new job jitters can hit hard, but don’t automatically assume that leaving your old company was a mistake, or that you’ll never be happy at your new one. Here are my top ten tips to improve your chances of landing that federal job you want. You will want to read job description and qualifications and tailor your resume for each specific job. I have been trying for years to get a federal job. First of all, you will need to invest a considerable amount of time and effort into creating a decent resume tailored for the specific job announcement you want to apply for. The federal government offers an astounding variety of accounting opportunities for qualified professionals wishing to serve in the national public sector. First, the process is kind of painful. Second, the applicant review is very long since the government has more stringent requirements about reviewing veterans and minorities. It usually makes more sense to take a job in the meanwhile instead of waiting for the government to get back to you. Many people in public service or who have a desire to work in a federal position may wonder how they can get a job at the Federal Reserve. What jobs out there should I search for (that are always hiring and not hard to get)? My first job I got a step increase of 3 (about 9k at gs-11) by pointing out my community mental health experience. I am having a hard time moving around, I took the route of just get in, then you can move around where you want but that has been harder than I expected.

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