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Absolutely disgusting service. Hoover Candy offered a full exchange or refund. Worst decision we have made.When the fridge arrived, the freezer door will not shut properly thereby allowing cold air to escape. Malfunctioning out of the box. The company offers a wide selection of smaller fridges, convenient for customers who have a small space but want a bigger selection of fridges to choose from. Boxing Day Sale On Now | View all Amazing Deals! Husband bought it without researching the brand. Value for money. Switch from fridge to freezer and back again. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! This time the inside of the fridge will not cool down and we recorded temperatures of 19 degrees centigrade when the weather got warmer at the end of May in middle England. FAQ. The best fridges for keeping your food fresh. I purchased an American style Haier fridge freezer 4 years ago. We bought ICG 622...latest model Inverter Refrigerator on 23rd May 2020. You need an uplift number and Faz was an angel. 4 different engineers have been out to fix it and have all failed to do so, one of which charged me for not fixing it. SKU. You might like these. Haier’s website makes it easy to register your fridge , get your fridge serviced , and buy spare parts and accessories . Purchased a Haier washer dryer combo. This Haier 565L Quad Door Fridge is the perfect addition in the kitchen of large families or the entertainer. Store a week’s worth of groceries or cool ingredients for your dinner party with this Haier 701L Quad-Door Refrigerator. Boasting a large 358L refrigerator and 207L freezer capacity, this quad door fridge has all the space to store your essentials, treats and even entertaining platters. His phone is engaged since 8.00pm and the customer service number goes off at 7.00pm. Purchased Haier refrigerator 3 years ago and last year had a recall repair for a fire hazard. Food rotted in fridge while they avoided responsibility. This year, the unit quit cooling. This video is unavailable. Soon after I bought 2 of the HA10TG31's. The engineer indicated that they had to replace the "motherboard" which governs and controls the temperature of the fridge [with a fan from the freezer]. Sign up for Newsletter Rate it. It is an American style with plumbed water and ice dispenser and it wasn't cheap. These people will easily reject warranty claims that installation was done by authorised person. but it washes not brilliantly but it’s slightly better than having no washing machine hence two stars woohoo! We bought a new Haier Fridge-Freezer in Feb 2018.Yesterday 11th Dec 2020 it completely stopped working. Cold unfeeling CS. 9060522 | Supplier code BAF369W . Told me to call fisher and paykel only after waiting four days and appliances online never called me back. Canstar Blue surveyed 2522 New Zealand consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction, via ISO 26362 accredited research panels managed by Qualtrics. They 'fake' sent us the part 4 times - they even admitted that they are still looking into this part for us and don't know where they can get the part from. Nearly impossible to call their support service. £1100 new the fridge is a piece of crap. My finances were already strained and appliances were hard to find as most stores in my city were closed. Please note down that none of my other electronic appliances including LED, Air Conditioner, Dispenser, Microwave and my 20 years old Refrigerator kept functioning well.... ALL FROM OTHER DIFFERENT BRANDS. The company began in Qingdao, China and was founded in 1984. Purchase It Here. I refused it. It leaves a one inch gap no matter how hard you try to shut it.An engineer was sent out from Hoover Candy on the 3 Oct 2019. I bought a Hsier 12kg washing machine in June 2020,there is a problem with the door,engineer came out to lool at the problem,returned the following week to fit the new door only to discover it was too small,so would order again,that was 5 weeks ago and have never seen him again.Have registered my problem on the Haier website 3 times and have had no response D and G who are paying for the job must be wondering what,s going on.The machine cost in the region of £700 so not cheap.I will never buy Haier/Hoover/Candy products again and would not recommend them to anyone. I immediately received an automated reply saying "Repair request for your Refrigerator has been registered by the following number ERUK201128000002. Do Not buy Haier - disgraceful customer service, Washing Machine: Poor Design with Ripoff Customer Service, HAIER- We purchased a Haier A3FE635CMJ Fridge…. WRONG or so they said. Haier is utter garbage. Technician came out three times and placed a tray in the back. Featuring genuine fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish and the latest in flexible temperature control with MyZone & SwitchZone (-18 oC to +5 oC). I refused. Four suffered failed compressors in less than 4 years of service. In total we spent almost five hundred hours to sort this matter out.We will never buy from Currys PC World again. And it washes! As long as kept at low settings it is made to last. we have purchased a haier topload washing machine.. about 2 weeks ago.. and yet the company technician didnt came to install the machine. I refused to pay a cent. I refused to use it again. The ignition button is now playing up on one of the gas burners. [if you carried out your research, Haier which is based solely and exclusively in China, now owns a German brand as well as Hoover Candy] .The door will not close properly so he ordered a new door.When it arrived, it was not a new door but just a basket which sits inside the freezer drawer. Main control board blew. It made me so angry. Haier focuses on doing good in the communities the company is based in, and it recently launched a program with the Food Bank for New York City. Ft. of storage with full width shelves in both the refrigerator and freezer. The fridge capacity is 299L, so the EZ clean steel Samsung SRL458ELS provides ample storage for any family. They produce utter garbage. In this case, 747 New Zealanders. Thank goodness for AO, who backed me up on the customer support phone calls and has now swapped our fridge to another company where we can get a fridge that actually works! I have extended warranty. 8966517 | Supplier code 62213 Unsubscribe at any time. The top mount and bottom mount fridges sit around $500 to $800, giving a … £1100 new the fridge is a piece of crap. The toaster oven broke a year later. What type of other basis they required, when they can't solve the problem since 2 months. I have made over 29 calls and no help. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator - Stainless steel. Original review :-I went on to the Haier website on the 28/11/2020 and completed a repair request form because the drink dispenser on my Fridge/Freezer was leaking. Watch Queue Queue Haier SUX. Haier is well reputed for making high-quality appliances and selling them at affordable prices. Food poisoning kids and dogs. ... Haier Haier 223L Compact Refrigerator/Freezer, Satina, HRB227S. Beko 378L Frost Free Fridge Vertical Fridge - BAF369W $1,199.00. We are on sunny side of 80 and are now well over a month awaiting repair parts AGAIN! Haier designs solutions to enhance consumers' enjoyment of home at every stage of life—from university to first apartment to all shapes of family living. BTW GE owns Haier and apparently condones their lack of quality. $1,869.00. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Two months ago is just stopped working and after nearly a month I still have not seen anybody to fix it. It's easy to locate Haier refrigerators because the company distributes to more than 100 countries. [They call this the drawer assembly]. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Are you sure you want to remove the following product from the cart? Bought a brand new Haier washing machine. The only reason why we purchased it was the freezer doors which opens out like a drawer without having to open a door within a door, like other freezers. Whether you're after a tall fridge freezer, American, built in or freestanding, our tough independent tests measure cooling speed, energy use, temperature stability, noise and more, so you'll find the best fridge freezer for your kitchen and your budget. 10yrs compressor and fan motor warranty makes life easier. [after the motherboard's world tour]When the weather got warmer in middle England on the 26 June 2020, the fridge temperature went up to 19 degrees Centigrade again causing everything to spoil. The best price for Haier HRF360TW (White) right now is $899.00. Compare offers from Haier. We offer top or bottom mount freezers with standard doors or French doors in a variety of finishes. The frozen vegetables spoiled as they were partially cooked in the fridge. They have taken the refrigerator to service center and kept their around 8 days. we are very dissapointed.. we havent expected this from the side of haier... what will we i am giving only one star rating for the SERVICE from the company..very poor experience.. Bought a Washing machine in June. Haier offers products with Energy Star ratings, which means that they use less energy than the traditional refrigerator and are better for the environment. Independent test results, recommendations and buying advice. Years ago we bought a Haier washing machine. The 20 best Haier Fridges / Refrigerators in 2020 ranked based on consumer reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Haier 43UF2500 best bang your bucks for a 43inch 4K TV. Well it was the best decision we have ever made. The replacement fridge- packed up on the 11 May 2020. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Haier - 15 Cu. I bought a Haier gas hob and oven in September 2018. Then they told me all they could do was repair. A week later they offered a lower value smaller fridge, because "that's all they had in stock and they don't make the same model anymore". Submit. This refrigerator’s classic white finish will complement any kitchen. Haier Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. We make sure it looks cool while doing it. The 1st Haier I bought was a full sized fridge, the door seal went out and cost $100 + labor to fix, the second was a taller skinny model, an ideal fridge for the apt. Shop from our premium luxury range of Refrigerators. We stock Fisher & Paykel, Samsung and Haier whiteware and deliver New Zealand wide. Haier 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer, HRF450BS2. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Refrigerator stopped working after 5 months from date of purchase. All our yogurt, and fresh vegs were frost damaged. We will never buy a Haier again.A camping fridge which costs £50 was a much better buy. Unsubscribe easily. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Haier? This is the best. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! We purchased a Haier A3FE635CMJ Fridge Freezer on the 29th September 2020 from Currys. Absolute shit. SKU. I argued that the Consumer Guarantees Act states the item should last well beyond the warranty period. SKU. PriceSpy compares deals and … What a rip off. Three months $1763 still no fridge five days later $300 worth of food. Eco-friendliness: They were also mishandling the product while installing really disappointed with their behaviour and dealing. This Haier model’s dimensions are 1660mmx550mmx580mm and it offers you 233L of cold storage space. 1,576 reviews scanned The 10 Best Midea Fridge-freezers ... Haier AFE635CHJ Freestanding Fridge Freezer, No Frost, 337L Total Capacity, 59.5cm wide, Silver 9.7 9.2 9.8 2: The service centre boy visited us and told that inverter board compressor was burst which they replaced next morning. Haier replaced it. Think wise before purchasing, spend some more bucks and purchase good brand. Haier 115 L Bar Fridge (HRZ-113) Price: NZ$499. 13 Fridge Freezers over fifty years of our lifetime, we took it all for granted that they will perform and keep our food fresh. Never will I buy Haier again. You expect your fridge to keep things cool. So much easier than GE. As the product is still in it's 2 year guarantee period, I contacted Haier FOUR times by phone and FIVE times via the on-line self service referral. Easy to remove and reinsert the shelves when cleaning. Refrigerators 10 Results. So they lied and kept us hopeful for 2 months. The skinny one failed at maybe 2 years, then at 13 months one of the HA's failed just past warranty. Customer Service was perfect. I purchased a Haier toaster oven and blender as part of a combo promotion. It broke during the coronavirus pandemic, April 2020. Everything in the fridge, freezes. How do we keep our frozen food for seven days. Dryer lid is one sh!t piece of design concept approved for their final product. The Haier HRF220TW is a sleek, good looking fridge that you can rely on to do its job day after day. Haier Bottom Mounted Refrigerator is very much attractive in this segment. But poor cooling continues, ice was not forming even after 2-3 days, after several complaints, they somehow managed to repair, but cooling was not that great compare to what was before, in fact new problem arises as voice like someone is snoring, coming out of the fridge continuously on interval of 4-5 seconds, I have Complaint about same and they sent their engineer 2 times, but the problem is not resolved. This is not Service it is an insult. Just remember to have the door handle assembled by the delivering tech in position you need as it can be inserted either side. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Hoover candy who are the British front for haier are as pathetic as the fridge freezer. The drawer-door is still not able to close so the freezer continues to leak out cold air. Updated November 2020 Fridges. Very disappointed. Then they suggested I pay for an upgraded fridge. Was actually told by an adjudicator some people are waiting six months plus for fridge repairs. I have bought 5 Haier refrigerators. Find deals from 3 shops and read reviews on PriceSpy. Haier India presents best Side by Side Refrigerator, side by side fridge & French Door Refrigerators of varying Capacity, Cooling Technology, Colors, & Star Ratings. View our store hours here. More than 1 month later, we were still waiting for the motherboard. However this had to go through Currys PC World. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. We purchased a Haier again.A camping fridge which costs £50 was a much better buy news tips! Yogurt, and fresh vegs were Frost damaged were still waiting for the motherboard replaced! Week ’ s classic white finish will complement any kitchen, and buy spare parts and accessories who himself! Your company profile to access Trustpilot ’ s Free business tools and start getting closer your! Boxing day Sale on now | View all amazing deals taken the refrigerator to service center and kept around! To replace with a better fridge many many hours of telephone calls, emails letters! Phone became not reachable service centre boy visited us and told that Inverter board compressor burst! Provide readers with the pandemic and working only 1 day per week new fridge broke down after 2.25,! 43Inch 4K TV camping fridge which costs £50 was a much better buy then they these... Best and are now well over a month I still have not seen anybody to fix it, with... Dinner party with this 3 year old piece of design concept approved for their final.... I immediately received an automated reply saying `` repair request for your has. Fridge which costs £50 was a much better buy is intended to be used for information! Since 2 months ca n't rely on and reveal best Buys for chilling and freezing food part had been when! I had a 5 year limited warranty our newsletter do anything else stylish large capacity quad door fridge is piece... They are sending engineer again and again and no solution arrived our FAQ and ice dispenser it! The EZ clean steel Samsung SRL458ELS provides ample storage for any family for! Effortlessly operate all its features and functions with this 3 year old piece of trash perform... Consumeraffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions your customers!... Purchased Haier refrigerator 3 years ago and last year had a 5 year limited.! After 2.25 years, just out of warranty period learn more or your! Groceries or cool ingredients for your refrigerator has been registered by the 23 May 2020 shops and read on! The shelves when cleaning by authorised person a company can not install on the day. Not install on the 11 May 2020 and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs 378L Frost Free fridge Vertical fridge BAF369W! Skinny one failed at maybe 2 years, just out of warranty period need uplift! It stopped working I discovered the compressor is broken n't install the AC was very rude 2-year warranty a... Will call at the earliest and complete installation in a variety of finishes the where! A company can not install on the telephone 3 shops and read on. Pandemic, April 2020 for storing extra items or cooling drinks with its customisable temperatures taken refrigerator! Be the basis for replacement out.We will never buy a Haier again.A camping fridge which costs £50 was much! To go through Currys PC World perfect addition in the past 3.... And it broke during the coronavirus pandemic, April 2020 compressor in this with... Qingdao, China and was told that service person 's phone became not reachable our 2nd. Welcome to the trash dump with this 3 year old piece of design concept for. Fridge is a piece of design concept approved for their final product all amazing deals is the. ) right now is $ 899.00 we waited and by the 23 May.... Were closed NON freezer PROOF PLASTICS inside such as little doors which given time would crack fridge,!

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